Ennobling Literature

Essential to understanding these difficult times is Fr Seraphim Rose’s and Father Herman Podmoshensky’s “Orthodox Survival Course”, a rare and most valued orthodox resource. Fr Seraphim and Fr Herman taught this course in the 70′s at the Platina monastery and many were converted to Orthodoxy as a result.

Being humbly grateful to the creators of this document for their trust and thanking them for handing it to us for publication on our website, we are making it available for download to those who would like to use it with respect and in fear of God as an invaluable resource for understanding the world we live in today.

It appears that powers that be keep deleting the file from the WordPress servers. If you encounter errors in trying to access it, please let us know at orthodoxviews@yahoo.com

Download The Orthodox Survival Course

Holy Fathers Seraphim and Herman, please intercede for us the sinners, from amongst the Saints where you ascended, that we may be enlightened to continue the work that you started for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother


Other resources:

The Sons of Man and The Sons of God

2 thoughts on “Ennobling Literature

  1. Indeed, this is great!!! So many things in one place: literature, politics, arts, philosophy, and all from the Orthodox Perspective. In this manner, anyone can acquire the right understanding of such a number of diverse issues, which otherwise are presented in a very distorted way, so that many are falling into confusion and despair.

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